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About Us



Disclaimer: Dwarven Forge Europe isrun by Thod's Bazaar and is a seperate company from Dwarven Forge. Thod's Bazaar serves as the exclusive authorized distributor for Dwarven Forge products in the European Union.

Dwarven Forge was founded 12 years ago by artist Stefan Pokorny, a medieval fantasy devotee -- and an avid Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast. As a classically trained, professional painter and sculptor, Stefan decided to create "real" dungeon terrain that would equal his incredible 25mm tall hero figures. After many months of painstaking design, sculpting and painting, he introduced the world's finest pre-painted miniature terrain in 1996.

Response from gamers was overwhelming! They loved the fact the pieces are fully hand-painted and ready to use out of the box. They marveled at how they could rearrange the pieces to depict an infinite number of fantasy settings. And they appreciated the amazing durability of his cast "polystone."

Since then, Dwarven Forge has released many new sets – each fully compatible with the others, and each a new step forward in terrain design, yet maintaining a dedication to fine craft and excellent durability. Since 1996, thousands of loyal collectors have purchased Dwarven Forge sets for their miniature and RPG games, cool dioramas, and for the beauty of the product itself. These sets are built to last, and many collectors are now sharing them with their children and grandchildren.

Whether you are a fantasy fan or a gamer – or a friend/family member of one -- please take a few minutes to browse our site and check out our products. You might also browse our Photo  to see some great photos from some DF fans. 

Below are some of Stefan's works in other media.






Den of Evil!

Den_of_Evil__Wicked_Additions__Set_16395_17.jpegThe Den of Evil line was our first foray into the limited edition arena, and the results have been very good.  The first set -- the Den of Evil Room and Passage Set -- has sold out all of its 1,500 sets.  However, you still have time to get the two other sets.  Click on the "Limited Edition" tab on the left to see more info!