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Best Kept Secret! The Narrow Passage Set

altWhile this fact is known by some veteran DF collectors, many of players do not realize the incredible usefulness of the Narrow Passage Set.


Not only does it make Passages, but since each piece is the same size as a normal dungeon room piece, these "passages" can be used to make GREAT interior walls.  Imagine this piece pictured here in the middle of a room to make a cool little alcove.


post Summer Scorcher Offer - Ice Caverns

Need to cool down after the summer heat?

How about trying out the old style resin Ice-Caverns for your next adventure with your players?

This set is a great collectors item and not many were available worldwide. It is overlooked by many.  But it is especially beautiful if the light shines through the clear resin* parts like the archway. We do love this set and pictures do not give it enough credit.


For the comming weeks there will be a 20% discount on the last sets of the resin Ice-cavern. Ones they are sold, thats it - you missed it.


As always, happy gaming!



* Please note, all clear resins can slowly yellow over time if exposed to too much heat or sunshine.


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