Dwarvenforge Castle Kickstarter - Preorders

Preorders for the Castle Builder System have now been closed.



Q: Why don't you ship yourself

A: DF US will use the same drop ship supplier as they use for the Kickstarter and I would only be 'in the way' and not add anything.

Q: Is this more expensive as if I would order directly from Thod's Bazaar?

A: No - I wouldn't be able to offer better rates. Some current items are only so cheap because I bought them when the pound was much stronger (won't apply to my UK customers)

Q: Can I wait and will you stock Castle Sets later

A: I'm currently planning my own order. I will only be able to stock limited sets - mainly whole castles and maybe some add-ons which can be used outside the castle set as well.



 Royal Stronghold Set -- Priced from: