Best Kept Secret! The Narrow Passage Set

altWhile this fact is known by some veteran DF collectors, many of players do not realize the incredible usefulness of the Narrow Passage Set.


Not only does it make Passages, but since each piece is the same size as a normal dungeon room piece, these "passages" can be used to make GREAT interior walls.  Imagine this piece pictured here in the middle of a room to make a cool little alcove.


Den of Evil!

Den_of_Evil__Wicked_Additions__Set_16395_17.jpegThe Den of Evil line was our first foray into the limited edition arena, and the results have been very good.  The first set -- the Den of Evil Room and Passage Set -- has sold out all of its 1,500 sets.  However, you still have time to get the two other sets.  Click on the "Limited Edition" tab on the left to see more info!