Your orders over the holidays

Dear fellow gaming fans and friends of Dwarvenforge terrain

First of all a big THANKS to all our customers for yet another exciting year with our special gaming terrain. We hope you enjoy your gaming sessions with dwarvenforge and keep finding new ways to combine your sets to deliever exciting dungeons for your gaming groups again and again.

Please note we will close for a well deserved break over the Christmas holidays. All orders received and paid by Tuesday early morning (20th December) will still be shipped before Christmas. Shipping for all other orders will commence in the new year from 3rd January 2017 again as usual.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may your dice always role in your favour!




Dwarvenforge Castle Kickstarter - Preorders

Preorders for the Castle Builder System have now been closed.



Q: Why don't you ship yourself

A: DF US will use the same drop ship supplier as they use for the Kickstarter and I would only be 'in the way' and not add anything.

Q: Is this more expensive as if I would order directly from Thod's Bazaar?

A: No - I wouldn't be able to offer better rates. Some current items are only so cheap because I bought them when the pound was much stronger (won't apply to my UK customers)

Q: Can I wait and will you stock Castle Sets later

A: I'm currently planning my own order. I will only be able to stock limited sets - mainly whole castles and maybe some add-ons which can be used outside the castle set as well.



 Royal Stronghold Set -- Priced from:





Orders back to normal

Still a lot other backend things to do. But orders are back fine since a while now.

Best Kept Secret! The Narrow Passage Set

altWhile this fact is known by some veteran DF collectors, many of players do not realize the incredible usefulness of the Narrow Passage Set.


Not only does it make Passages, but since each piece is the same size as a normal dungeon room piece, these "passages" can be used to make GREAT interior walls.  Imagine this piece pictured here in the middle of a room to make a cool little alcove.


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