Den of Evil Extension

Only 1,500 castings of this limited-edition set will be made, and each set comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
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Dwarven Forge is happy to announce that Stefan has developed another cool set in the limited-edition Den of Evil line.  The DoE Expansion Set has many stunning and useful pieces that greatly enhance your DoE set-ups.  Only 1,500 sets will be produced, and each comes with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  The pieces included:

MM043 Den of Evil Expansion Set, (30 pcs) 

2 pcs            4 x 4 Intersection  < similar to the pieces in the RotA Set

8 pcs            Inserts   < similar to the pieces in the RotA Set

1 pc             Double Door

2 pcs            Short Passages

4 pcs            Curved Corners

2 pcs            Demon Lava Walls

2 pcs            Window Walls

1 pc             Pyramid

4 pcs            Lava Floors

2 pcs            Straight Walls

2 pcs            Tentacle Walls

This set is a GREAT expansion to the Den of Evil collection and it helps those collectors who missed out on the Den of Evil Room and Passage Set -- as it has some Passage pieces in it.

Shipping weight 9.5 pounds, actual weight 8.5 pounds