Den of Evil: Hellscape 2 Set

This next installment in the acclaimed Den of Evil series is in stock and ready to ship! This works great with the Hellscape Set!
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Dwarven Forge, makers of the world's finest miniature terrain, is very pleased to announce the release of the limited-edition Den of Evil: Hellscape 2 Set. This set is an expansion of the DoE: Hellscape Set, and it allows collectors to greatly expand their Hellscape set-ups. It can also be used with our other Cavernous sets to create some very cool lava-filled caverns. Mordor anyone? This Limited Edition Set (1,500) is a great setting for many possible scenarios including volcanic caverns, Star Wars/Sith encounters and more "evil" locales. The set comes fully hand-painted with felt bottoms and a custom-molded styrofoam box. Each set comes complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The pieces in the set include:


MM044 Hellscape 2 Set

1x 4" x 4" Floor Version 1
1x 4" x 4" Floor Version 2
1x 4" x 4" Floor Version 3
1x 4" x 4" Floor Version 4
1x Straight Wall w/Lava
1x Curved Wall Version 1
1x Curved Wall Version 2
1x Small Stalagmites

The price of the DoE: Hellscape 2 Set is $99 on the USA website, and it is ready for immediate shipment from both the USA and UK warehouses.

Please CLICK HERE to view additional HI-RES photos of the DoE: Hellscape 2 Set in action!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The DoE: Hellscape 2 Set is a completely new way of DF offering its cool miniature terrain. In addition to the standard DoE: Hellscape 2 Set, we are also offering some unique INDIVIDUAL Hellscape 2 pieces. This new idea allows us to offer a less expensive standard set, and then allows our collectors to pick the additional pieces they would like to collect. The additional pieces, which are available for immediate shipment, are all hand-painted and packed in individual boxes