Chamber of Sorrows unpainted

Chamber of Sorrows in dwarvenite - unpainted

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This is an add-on pack in dwarvenite. This set comes unpainted.

The Chamber of Sorrows comes complete with these 32 pieces:

The Chamber of Sorrows includes:

• 1x 4 x 4 Pool of Sorrows

• 1x 2 x 2 Floor w/Grate

• 1x 2 x 2 Floor w/Broken Grate

• 2x Pile of Skulls

• 13x Straight Walls

• 7x 2 x 2 Floors

• 4x Diagonal Walls

• 1x Demon Door

• 2x Pillars


The Chamber of Sorrows is limited edition and won't be available later.

These sets are available now for shipping.