Ruins Set

Add Ruins to your classic dungeon sets.

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Ruins Set -- An Awesome New Set for the Classic Dungeon Line!


This set is an expansion to our classic Master Maze dungeon line, and we are very pleased with the versatility and usefulness of this set.  Many of the pieces have been cleverly designed so that bits of the walls (and floor) can be removed to make the standard-looking piece more "ruinous".  For instance, a traditional Corner Wall Piece can be transformed into a Ruined Corner Wall just be remove part of the wall.  The cool thing is that DMs can use many of the pieces from this set as a normal piece from the Room Set, but then remove a part to add the ruined look.  This removed piece can then be placed on the floor as extra rubble to complete the ruined design. 

In one play test adventure, a group of characters defended a tower that was besieged by a band of rock-hurling giants.  The DM slowly removed a part of the walls each round as the giants attacks began to take their toll on the tower's walls.   



The set contains: 

x2  Ruined Window

x2  Ruined Corner

x2  Ruined Straight Wall Right

x2  Ruined Straight Wall Left

x2  Ruined Straight Wall

x2  Ruined Curve Corner Left

x2  Ruined Curve Corner Right

x2  Ruined Floor

x1  Ruined Straight Chasm 1

x2  Ruined Corner Rubble

x1  Ruined Window Slab

x2  Ruined Floor Slab

x1  Ruined Straight Chasm 2

x1  Ladder

x2  Ruined Straight Rubble

x4  Ruined Curved Chasm