Catacomb Set 2 - Tombs & Mummy's

This set is an ideal addition to furnish your tombs and have your players explore hidden riches.

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Catacomb Set 2 - Tombs & Mummy's Set

This set can be used together with the catacomb sets or as the resting place of adventurers or mummy's with any of the existing sets.

Included are three sarcophagi of approx. 3.5*2 inch with replaceable lit. Each sarcophagus contains a mummy that can be removed. In addition you get 3 mummy figures which have 'awakened' and will be formidable opponents for your players.

All pieces come fully painted 

The pieces included: 

MM048-TMS Catacombs Set 2 - Tombs and Mummy Set, (12 pcs) 

x3   Sarcophagus with replaceable lit (2 individual pieces)

x3   Mummy fitting in the Sarcophagus

x3   Mummy, awakened and ready to fight

Shipping weight 1.5 pounds