Ancient Treasure Set

This set contains many cool treasure pieces to complete your dungeon layouts.

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New! Ancient Treasure Set in Stock!

Stefan has long had an interest in ancient art and culture.  With the release of our Realm of the Ancients product line, Stefan was able to provide a cool ancient adventuring environment for his collectors.  And now, with the release of the Ancient Treasure Set, Dwarven Forge gives collectors some ancient treasure pieces to enhance their set-ups.  The pieces come fully hand painted and ready to use right out of the box – and each set comes with a handy custom Styrofoam insert.

Ancient Treasure Set contains:

·         Ancient Chariot (with turning wheels)
·         Ancient Bed
·         Ancient Chair
·         Ancient Statue
·         Large Pile of Silver Coins
·         Medium Pile of Gold Coins
·         Medium Pile of Silver Coins
·         Small Pile of Copper Coins
·         Stack of Gold Bars
·         Jackal Urns (x3)
·         Falcon Urns (x3)
·         King Urn
·         Cat Statue
·         Flat Scrolls (x2)
·         Pile of Scrolls
·         Ancient Book
·         Ancient Horn

The sets are in-stock and ready for shipping.  Some of these pieces were found in the out-of-print Treasure Set, but they have been re-purposed for this set.